Many Patients with Sarcoidosis Also Have Sarcoid Arthritis

Many Patients with Sarcoidosis Also Have Sarcoid Arthritis

A new study investigating the frequency and characteristics of sarcoid arthropathy, in which sarcoidosis is accompanied by joint disease, revealed that a majority of patients with sarcoidosis also have sarcoid arthritis.

The study “The clinical characteristics of sarcoid arthropathy based on a prospective cohort study” was published in the journal Therapeutic Advances in Musculoskeletal Disease.

The cause of sarcoidosis is unknown, but it involves abnormal activation of the immune system causing granulomas to form (granulomas are groups of white blood cells called macrophages in tissues), which can affect different parts of the body, causing a range of symptoms in different patients. Sarcoid arthritis (arthritis is a painful inflammation of the joints) occurs in some cases of sarcoidosis.

Sarcoidosis usually is more severe in the African-American population in the U.S. than in the white population, and also is more frequent (35.5 versus 10.9 per 100,000 people).

The study included 114 patients (36 male) with sarcoidosis; 106 of these patients had joint pain. Sarcoid arthritis was diagnosed in 71 of the patients, mainly with involvement of two to four joints (oligoarthritis). Eleven patients also had other rheumatic diseases (diseases affecting the joints or connective tissue).

In the majority of the patients (78.9%), arthritis was gone within six weeks. Most of the patients were treated with non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs or oral steroid-based drugs, for a short period. Arthritis lasting more than six weeks was reported in 24 (21.1%) of the patients.

“Acute sarcoid arthritis was seen in 71 (62.3%) patients, while chronic arthritis occurred in 24 (21.1%) patients. Oligoarthritis was the most common pattern of joint involvement, and bilateral ankle arthritis was the prominent feature. The prognosis of sarcoid arthropathy was generally favorable, as the arthritis resolved within six weeks in the majority of patients,” the authors wrote.

Arthritis occurred more often in females. It also occurred more often in patients with erythema nodosum, another condition seen in 53 of the patients that involves red lumps on the lower legs.

“Inflammatory arthritis occurs in a majority of patients with sarcoidosis. Acute arthritis with bilateral ankle involvement is the most common pattern of sarcoid arthropathy. Sarcoidosis can mimic many primary rheumatic diseases or may coexist with them.” the team concluded, adding that a diagnosis of sarcoid arthropathy should be considered when sarcoidosis patients have complaints concerning their musculoskeletal system.


  1. DJ says:

    I have been reading about the sarcoidosis I have for over 10 years now, and this is the first time I heard about “Sarcoid arthropathy or Sarcoid Arthritis”.

    • KIM says:

      You and me both. And I’m having these promblems and no one seems to know what the issue is. I’m taking this to Dr.

    • Naomi Gius says:

      I have it in my hands, knees hips and ankles. If I do simple housework, the next day all.of my joints are inflamed.

    • Hazel says:

      Me too. I have skin sarc,and recurring uveitis. Erythema nodosum I can get anywhere on my body now, I have pinpointed certain types of bacterial infection trigger this response. Streptococcus in particular and dental infections. This is interesting as I am currently having issues with my knee and may investigate further sarcoidosis arthritis with my rheumatologist.

      • Catherine Nichols Pogorzelski says:

        Uveitis also occurs in AS Ankylosing SPondyltiis, labs for HLAB 27 should be done, I have it…

  2. Barbara says:

    Is there a certain blood test for this sarcoid arthropathy? I have sarcoidosis and I actually get waves of pain going from base of my neck to my spine that sometimes puts me to my knees. Plus ankle, elbow, knee a ndwrist and hip pain.

  3. Joy Beaty says:

    I was diagnosed with sarcoidosis in about 1995. I developed an eye problem uncommon for a women my age (45). The doctors had pulmonary test done as part of a full check up and found sarcoidosis. the eye was treated and things were fine for years. in 2000 I was diagnosed with breast cancer and again they told me I have sarcoidosis. In 2001 I started having feet and ankle and joint pain.I figured it was arthritis. I treated it as arthritis. I have had it since then. I am now 67 is there anything I can do that will help more than advil.
    Thank you
    Joy Beaty

    • Galen says:

      I have found a fantastic pain treatment, personally, that is better than advil because it avoids your kidneys – I’ve been applying prescription pain CREAM – but let me explain – it’s not like Ben Gay – it’s a skin-delivery system of “Motrin” (according to my Dr). you run a bead of the cream on a plastic strip that comes with it – that’s your dosage. Then you use the plastic strip to apply it to your skin – for me it’s my legs. If I apply it to ONE leg, both legs, my hands, etc – all receive relief!!! It’s called “Diclofenac Sodium Topical Gel 1%” I LOVE it.
      I also take Gabapentin – which helps me a lot.

  4. Stephanie Thompson says:

    This is the type of sarcoidosis that I have been suffering from. Which has been a little different than what I have read or heard about. So I am glad to know own that I’m not alone in this and can hopefully get some help. Even though I seen others with other more severe symptoms than what I have been through thus far.

  5. Cleopatra says:

    I have just been diagnosed with sarcoidosis in 2016. Just this week I started experience joint pains in my hips, hands, wrist,
    & knees, along with what I now understand, and what I thought were Hot flashes were actual fevers. I do have skin breakouts as well. It is nice to find answers. Panadol definately does not help with the pain, but soaking in epsolm salt for 15minutes twice a day sure helped especially at nites before going to bed.

  6. Dodi Leonard says:

    I was diagnosed with Sarcoidosis in 1984 and was on high doses of Prednisone for about a year. In 2014 I was diagnosed with severe degenerative osteoarthritis of the jaw joints and had to have a double jaw replacement. Could the degenerative osteoarthritis stemmed from the Sarcoidoisis?

  7. tony says:

    Have had many fights with doctors over this one. Joints tendons just start hurting out of no were with no explanation.As per usual it just gets brushed of until I saw a Rheumitoligist. She new her stuff and gave a new med to try and so far been pretty effective for muscle and joint pain related to whatever sarc is doing.I do not get the swollen hot joints or muscles just outright pain an it hurts a lot. The medication is a older Nsaid but works pretty well for me and it called Indomethacin. That and CBD oil(17mg/day) has done more in a month than 3 years of the poison prednisone and mtx combined.This disease really sucks.Best of luck to all those that suffer.

  8. Abby Belkin says:

    I was diagnosed in 1973. I’ve had the arthritis since I was 25. In 1988 a doctor noticed my terrible “allergies” and gave me a shot of Kenelog. For the first time in years I wasn’t violently sneezing. And, my joints felt so much better. I’ve gotten this shot every few months ever since. I wouldn’t be walking without it. It makes the quality of my life SO much better. Only a rheumatologist will give it to you unless you have an amazing GP like I had. There are side effects. The skin on my arms is especially thin and I bruise easily. But it’s been 30 years of taking it so I had to expect something. 80 mg Kenelog makes my life doable. It’s the only drug I’ve ever taken for Sarcoid.

  9. Esther Grevenstuk says:

    yes I do and get injections help a couple months most times shoulder bother knees ankles and hips and scarcoidosis is on my spine conferimed by bone biopsy

  10. Jan says:

    I have anky spondylitis and sarcoid and vertebral and breastbone and shoulder infiltration by sarcoid as shown on PET scan but no lung involvement. I have had all the symptoms of osteoarthritis in hips and knees and feet necessitating bilateral total hip replacement. Could the changes be sarcoid not osteo as I really do not want to go through knee replacement? I am on azothiaprine, hydroxychloroquine recently completely off pred.

  11. Gwen Savage says:

    I have sarcoid on skin, lungs, and eyes. I am now having bad pain in knees, hips and back really to some degree all joints. I can find no Dr that is interested in Ar. does any one know of a Good Sarcoid Dr. near me.

  12. Frank says:

    I have been fighting stage 4 since 2007, ‘x-ray that bad my GP told it was end stage lung cancer at first’!!! lung function now 45% but surviving. Last few years i have had pain in my ankles and feet that have been debilitating to say the least, doctor has been treating me for gout even tried Allopurinol (after three days on cochlicine) but nothing worked. Heard about Sarcoid Arthritis and read up on it. Well i am now on 50mg Voltaren and one Panadol osteo 665mg that i take every morning with food, fingers crossed but all the pain has gone and i can do everything i could do before (still no improvement in lung function but just happy to be able to walk again).

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