Newly Diagnosed: You Are Not Alone on Your Journey

Whether you are a patient or a caregiver, it’s important to remember that you are not alone on this journey with sarcoidosis and that others have been in your shoes. Here’s a collection of our columnists’ words that they would like to share to help guide, inspire, and encourage you.

Life Altered: My Journey to a Sarcoidosis Diagnosis

Columnist Kate Spencer’s life changed after she was diagnosed with sarcoidosis in her early 30s. The disease has seeped into nearly every facet of her life. However, she’s found that an altered life isn’t a bad life; it’s merely different.

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Managing Stress While Facing an Unpredictable Future With Sarcoidosis

Dealing with a chronic illness like sarcoidosis can be overwhelming and scary, columnist Charlton Harris writes. And stress can have a considerable effect on patients. Here he shares how he’s learned to cope with stress.

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Fighting Back Against Sarcoidosis, One Step at a Time

Columnist Athena Merritt is learning how to fight back against her sarcoidosis, but it happened by accident. Several months after she began incorporating regular cardio activity into her routine, she is experiencing the benefits of exercise and feeling more empowered.

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Exercise and Staying Active Are Crucial to Sarcoidosis Management

Charlton explains how stagnation is detrimental to the physical and emotional well-being of a person with pulmonary sarcoidosis. No matter what you’re going through, it’s important to keep moving, he writes.

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