No Tears for Sarcoidosis - a Column by Charlton Harris

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Charlton is an independent multimedia/video producer and video editor located in the Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, area. He was diagnosed with pulmonary sarcoidosis in 2004 at the age of 40. He has worked over 30 years in advertising and educational media. When he’s not creating, he’s in the kitchen cooking. Charlton is known as a skilled pit-master, homebrewer and jazz aficionado. He hopes his column on sarcoidosis will help inspire readers to live life the best they can, and not shed any tears for this illness.

Celebrating Life Makes a Difference

I haven’t been feeling myself this past week. I don’t know if it’s the weather or the approach of my birthday that has me feeling slightly depressed. I’m sure the sarcoidosis has something to do with it since side effects include random feelings…

Being Impatient Will Make You Become Patient

The immediacy of society seems to be a bit out of control. Everyone seems like they’re on the clock for one reason or another. I’ve noticed this for the past several years, and it still surprises me how much people are in such a hurry for everything. The…