Finding Comfort in the Rare Disease Community

Before I was diagnosed with sarcoidosis, I’d never heard of this disease. No one I knew had heard of it, either, except, as my mom insists, in the differential diagnosis on the TV procedural “House, M.D.” Even then, it was never the answer. No one actually had sarcoidosis.

Living With Sarcoidosis Allows Me to Share My Truth

I recently read that social media basically captures our best fake day. I found that comment extremely funny, then quite sad. If I were to clean up that comment, I’d say something like, “Social media sometimes captures our best fake day, if we let it.” Because for me, and most…

How to Have a Safe Date Night With Sarcoidosis

I’ve joked before that “middle-aged date night” entails my husband and me scheduling our annual physicals together. First the doctor’s office, then the lab, then maybe a stop for lunch before we head home for a nap. Things change for everyone as they get older, but it feels like I’ve…