I’m Feeling Good About Doing Nothing and Just Being

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I often am my own worst enemy. Well, sarcoidosis is actually my worst enemy. But I’d say I’m a close second.

I know I need to take good care of myself on a daily basis. I am aware I need to do whatever it takes to sleep well and stay as free from pain and other symptoms as possible. But I still have great difficulty with knowing my limits.

In part, this is due to every day being so different. I also have other countless factors to consider. It’s tough. The management of sarcoidosis certainly isn’t clear-cut by any means.

On a recent Saturday morning, I realized the upstairs rooms needed vacuuming. So I lugged out the vacuum cleaner and carried it upstairs. I pushed it around the entire second floor and let it do its job. It didn’t take long. But I was exhausted afterward. Perhaps it was a combination of poor sleep, exertion, and rainy, damp weather, which is particularly tough on me.

Regardless of the reasons, I was feeling tired and achy. As a result, I started feeling lazy, like I just didn’t want to do anything else all day. Unfortunately, then the guilt began to set in for feeling this way. It is a vicious cycle that leaves me exasperated and weary.

But instead of brooding, I took action. First, I indulged in a 20-minute session in the infrared sauna. The warmth helped relieve my muscle aches and joint pain. Then, I soaked my feet in a warm foot bath with Epsom salts. Finally, I attempted to nap. Unfortunately, sleep is often what I need the most when I feel this way. But it’s usually out of reach on days like this.

So I spent a good part of an hour just doing nothing. I didn’t think about anything, which is unusual for an overactive mind such as mine. I didn’t read or look for something to watch on TV, either. I just existed. Amazingly, I started to feel OK about this, peaceful even.

Perhaps people who are experienced in meditation get to this place. It doesn’t typically happen for me. But I have to say that doing absolutely nothing and feeling good about it is a wonderful retreat from my everyday life. I felt better afterward and noticed more improvement the following day.

Long before my sarcoidosis diagnosis, I had a client who was a successful diamond dealer in New York City. He was at the age in which he enjoyed passing along hard-earned wisdom about life with those around him.

I remember his comment about the overall busyness of most people: “We are human beings, not human doings. Sometimes we need to just be.” He emphasized the be.

His comment came to mind on this particular Saturday, when I felt like doing nothing and found myself enjoying it. That’s when it hit me: Whether suffering from a chronic health condition or not, can’t we all benefit from less doing and more being?


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Alexis Johnson

I too feel the same way. I have sarcoidosis also. I have to young kids and a husband and I am so exhausted and crappy feeling just from the little exertion.

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Kate Spencer

I hope you get some much-needed rest. You are not alone in your exhaustion, for what that's worth. Take good care!


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