Looking Back on a Year of Personal Growth and New Opportunities

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This week marks my one-year anniversary as a columnist for Sarcoidosis News.

I once read that we tend to underestimate how much our lives can change in a decade, but overestimate the potential change in a year. With all due respect, that person hasn’t seen my life!

There have been so many blessings since I became a columnist, including a new relationship and career, and, of course, in my running. I still have sarcoidosis, with all of its challenges, but this year has truly changed my view of what someone can do, even with chronic illness.

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One big change is travel. Yes, there have definitely been more major changes, but I cannot recall a year when I’ve traveled so much. And especially considering that COVID-19 still presents a real risk to people like me, I’ve almost gotten used to the unique challenges it can bring. I don’t mean worries about lost luggage or the hassle of getting through airport security. Instead, I mean the constant fear you face traveling when you’re a chronically ill patient in a world where many just want a return to “normalcy.”

That said, in countless parts of the world, “normal” wasn’t that great. The pandemic has shone a light on countless long-standing inequities, many of which have only gotten worse since the pandemic began. However, I certainly understand the desire to have other parts of the world go back to the way they were — I felt that, too.

But for me, a pulmonary sarcoidosis patient, it will be quite some time before you see me without a mask on or somewhere nearby. My doctor has allowed me to do many things that were completely off-limits when COVID-19 first became an issue. Yet while I do manage my life carefully, very real risks exist.

Meanwhile, my new job as a CEO is the opportunity of a lifetime. I truly enjoy the challenges of this position. It requires significant travel, so I have to be diligent and vigilant in protecting my health. That said, the travel and the opportunity to meet colleagues and others in the accounting profession are truly a joy. And admittedly, there’s something liberating about so much travel, especially after two years of isolation, although I have to be more careful than most.

But as I look back over the last year, from the highs of a new relationship, new job, new races, and new travel, to the low of getting COVID-19 (although even that low was better than what many experience), I’m amazed at just how much has happened over the past year.

See? That person was wrong. I didn’t overestimate how much could happen in a year after all. If anything, I underestimated it.

Here’s to another great year!

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