Cryptococcal Meningitis Often Misdiagnosed in Sarcoidosis Patients, Study Reports

Cryptococcal meningitis, a rare but life-threatening complication of sarcoidosis, is often misdiagnosed as neurosarcoidosis, delaying proper treatment and reducing a patient’s chances of complete recovery, researchers report. Investigators behind the study, “Cryptococcal meningitis complicating sarcoidosis,” published in the journal Medicine, suggest that physicians test for CSF…

Sarcoidosis: Lung Biopsy in Certain Cases May Help Control Complications

It is important to perform a lung biopsy when a change in chest X-ray is seen during pulmonary sarcoidosis monitoring, according to research conducted by Japanese scientists. This way, the rare possibility of complication with multicentric Castleman’s disease (MCD) can be ruled out or in the rare case it is diagnosed, appropriate treatment can be given to the patient.