Newly Diagnosed: Treatment Strategies for Sarcoidosis

While there is no cure for sarcoidosis yet, there are therapeutic approaches that can help to ease symptoms and improve quality of life. Experimental treatments are also being explored that could prove beneficial for patients. Check out the information below to explore more about therapeutic strategies your doctor may recommend and what therapies are in the pipeline for potential future use.

Approved Treatments

Most treatments available for sarcoidosis are used to manage symptoms and improve the quality of life for patients. They include immune-modulating therapies, anti-malarial treatments, corticosteroids, cytotoxic and cytostatic medications, immunosuppressants, and NSAIDs.

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Experimental Treatments

Research is ongoing to identify more effective ways of treating sarcoidosis. New therapies are currently being developed and investigated that may better manage the disease and help ease patients’ symptoms.

Non-drug Treatments

Other treatment options for sarcoidosis include surgery, such as an organ transplant, if the condition doesn’t respond to treatment or resolve on its own. Oxygen therapy may also help patients with lung involvement.